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The models of Percy nd Pamela


I created the Pinkmouse Gang many years ago when I retired fom teaching English in comprehensive schools.

First book introducing Pirate Percy and Lady Pamela Pinkmouse


Second book for Southend-on -sea


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Welcome to ThePinkmouse Gang website.

I am a novice at this so please be kind and patient. Why would anyone want to write a children's book ? I don't know. you might think it's easy. WRONG! It's very hard work especially if you do all the illustrations marketing promotion and publishing yourself. As I do.

Pinkmouse Problems

Seventh book in The Pinkmouse Gang series of children's books.

As a body of work 'The Pinkmouse Gang' has been very satisfying to do. It is a reflection of my domestic life and has taken 7 years to bring to this point. Pinkmouse Problems is the penultimate book and Pinkmouse Kids will be the last I think. Time for something else.

Pinkmouse Problems echoes the trials and tribulations of child rearing and the finding of suitable help when I was teaching full-time and had four children.